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Just Say Dat.mp3

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Just Say Dat is a song that follows the popular phrase of it's title.
If you're a hater....Just Say Dat
If you don't like such and such....Just Say Dat


Chorus: Where I'm from we don't play dat.
If you a hating ass nigga just say Dat.
Just say Dat just say Dat,
If you a broke ass bitch just say Dat.

We keep it mob we don't **** with rats,
So if you out here fakin wit it nigga just say Dat,
Just say Dat just say Dat,
If you a scary ass nigga just say dat

Ima Real One I put that on mommies,
I'm tryna slide thru in a brand new Pagani

Sitting on 24 inch Lexanis,
Bitch gimme that guap and keep that punani

I'm married to the game but hemp she my friend,
On some LLC's and EIN's.

Game so rare shout out to D Squared,
Nigga it's forever No Reggie and Hustleaire.

And it don't mean shit if it don't make scrill,
I'ma true gritter I'll reinvent the wheel.

Make a hoe click heels, Have a young nigga drill,
Dank Nity Kansas City on some billion dollar deals.

Me and J Mack, facts, check my stats,
Been to juvey, state, feds and did not rat.

In these streets I been a beast on that,
All this fakin and this hating though speak on Dat.


1 Luv to all the elegant thugs,
The ones that do real shit just becuz.

I sell hemp nigga no harsh drugs,
Used to be a runner now Im Dat plug.

Taking losses help make me a winner,
Now all I need is a couple Kylie Jenner's.

P.I.M.P. Put It In My Pocket,
Nothin' Regular, Everything Exotic.

KC is the place to be, I'm OG,
You niggas can really touch it if you ****in wit me.

If not, get off the pot and skate on nigga,
Cuz ion hate on niggas and Ion wait on niggas

You wanna be my bae then pull a rack a day,
Fuck what anybody say, bitch that's the play?

Ayyyee so trick or treat on Dat,
It's money before the honey though speak on dat.


Shout out to my nigga E Tray, Hustleaire, No Reggie, Midwest Mob

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