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young Jayall - Do Better (TRUMIX1).mp3

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Young Jayall- Do Better
Written by -Young Jayall
Mixed and prod. - Tru Dice


I been stackin this cheddar I really do better than niggas
Hit on that bitch in the party
Say she got a man
I tell ha I’m not scared of ha nigga
Know that I hang wit a couple of robbers
Im guessin that’s why they so scared of a nigga
Might show you kindness at first
But try me like a hoe then I turn to a terrorist nigga
If I pass sosa the choppa and tell him to pop ya he gone lose his head onna nigga
Bullets will rip a whole leg off a nigga
Bro feel like osama it’s terrorist in him
tried to run from me I’m to fat to chase em
But 12 hollows say imma catch me a nigga
Say kog is a gang but we move like the mob and
Man the next bmf how we feelin be

Thinkin it’s sweet catch a shot penicillin
And no I’m not missing got dots like I’m krillin
Ahead of these niggas wit ease I be chillin
I really don’t see no competitors near me
I’m not the type to write posts on the net
If he say he want static
close casket the nigga
Show up at the funeral
To see him in it
Don’t think fir a second we cool fa a minute
Im smokin em after
This wood to the face got me
Higher than nasa
Good head that lil bitch lift my soul like a pastor
Weed so loud you can smell this shit In Nevada
But how young Jayall if yo ass from Chicago
Might catch a flight
Be back next week or tomorrow
Still remember last time the whole team was
But Ion feel bad that shit make me go harder

I Want the whole plane so deep wit gang that it look like
this shit was chartered
My bitch just gave me some brain so good that shit made me smarter
I Stay in my lane if you get in mine
Then Houston we gone have a problem
Drip so insane not saying I’m jesus
But I’m really walkin on water

I’m really not one to argue bout bitches if you say she yours Then you keep her my nigga
But before you think she a keeper
If she was wit me she my personal eater my nigga
I’m just speaking facts give a **** how you feel
If u don’t **** wit me u don’t **** wit da real
We was sober on missions ain’t need any pills
We don’t do crashing out we just sealing the deal

Think I’m jus a young rapping nigga from the raq
But I might getchu whacked
If I tell bro it’s that
Said it sound like a bomb or sumn
What was that
Jus know it mean
Bronem jus took care of that
I stay in the cut
I don’t flex fa the net
Know That’s how they got diamonds
snatched from off they neck
But You knowin I’m not tuckin em
Try it’s good luck fa the nigga
That do Imma send him to heaven
And these bitches lethal and legal
They take me fa questioning
Leaving wit a self defenses
I don’t got time fa police
They snatch me
I do not know a thing
Ain’t sgot shit else to tell em
I don’t got a record
I know they be mad
when they run my ID
In the system and check it
They jus bring it back n
Tell me to drive safe
they ain’t check
it’s 3 ps In the trunk of the rental

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