Published 6 months ago in Hip-Hop

Dreamin (feat. Frenchi)

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Everyone has been through something in their life that has made them who they are today. This song will make you forget about your past pains. It’s time to step up and make a better you.


Dreamin must be dreamin damn I’m dreamin yea I’m dreamin.. *2

All white Tesla no tint when I’m cruisen
Malibu trap house that bitch stay boomin
Yea, ain’t nothing like them long nights long drives eyes so tight barely can see the sky
Got a trunk full of white doe
Feds see me coming they gone kick down my
Momma door
I’m a boss on the freeway
Plug gave me 100
That’s a meal that’s a free way
Come here lemme holla at you Patna
Let me give you knowledge and power
That profit
Ha ima show you how to get it bruh
First you Vacuum seal it then you ship it
Then you move it bruh

Dreamin must be dreamin damn I’m dreamin yea I’m dreamin.. *2

I remember sitting home every night just crying out my eyes
I remember praying to God to get me out this life
I remember coming home to brokenness and heartache

Pain In my ribs you gave me ribs ain’t sposed to feel this wayyy

God forgives so I forgive but it doesn’t change a thang

You told me that my life was over so you’ll never feel my pain

Now I’m chillin on the hills you claimed I’ll never see
I pray that you stay safe because you don’t mean shit to me

I just wanna move on in life so what you talking bout

You’ll just have to pay the price there ain’t no backing out

I gotta take care of my two kids
And my own health

I gotta stay prayed up
And keep it pushing like my mama said

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